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A dispute between mainland Chinese tourists and locals over a toddler urinating in a Hong Kong street has once again become a flash point in already tense cross-border relations.


Several video clips that have been widely circulated online did not capture the scenes of the toddler urinating, but show the young couple, carrying their two-year-old boy, locked in a fierce quarrel with two local Hong Kong young men.


During the scuffle the couple snatched the memory card from the young man’s camera and tried to leave the scene. The young men stopped them from leaving and called the police.


Surrounded by onlookers on the street, the woman desperately explained to the crowd that they had found a public toilet but saw there was a long queue, so had no other choice but to let their child to relieve himself on the street instead.


“The kid was going to pee in his pants, what do you want me do?” the mother asked the young men. Her enraged husband repeatedly asked the two men: “Do you have a kid? Do your children take pees?”

“孩子都要尿在裤子里了,你叫我怎么办?” 孩子母亲反问年轻男子。孩子的父亲也很生气,不停地质问两名年轻男子:“你有孩子吗?你的小孩是不是也要小便?”

The two men held onto the pram to stop the couple from leaving, prompting the woman to hit one of the men on his arm. The video clips ended when a police officer arrived at the scene.


The husband and wife were subsequently arrested on suspicion of theft and assault respectively during the incident, a spokeswoman for Hong Kong police told the South China Morning Post on Tuesday.


She added the woman was later released on bail and was due to report back to police in mid-May for a pending investigation, while her husband was released unconditionally.


Numerous mainland media agencies reposted the news on their official accounts of Weibo, drawing more than a million comments or reposts by Wenesday.


Online reactions were very much polarised. The majority of online users in mainland China say they found the parents’ behaviour understandable as they had tried to find a toilet for their child.


“How many toddlers can hold on long enough when they want to relieve themselves?” said a commentator, who asked critics to show more tolerance of the parents.

“当孩子们尿急的时候,有多少孩子能憋很久的?” 一名评论者呼吁批评者们要以宽容的态度来对待这对父母。

Some pointed to a photo of the child relieving himself at the scene, which appeared to show the mother using a paper nappy to catch the urine, rather than simply allowing the toddler to relieve himself on the ground.


A number of others even questioned if the photographers could be accused of taking indecent pictures of a young child.


But still many blasted the parents for their lack of basic public decency. Others blamed the parents for not taking enough precautions when taking their toddler out onto the street, saying that being unable to find a toilet was not a legitimate excuse.


While some Hong Kong residents have labelled mainland tourists as having “uncivilised behaviour”, mainlanders have in turn accused Hongkongers of being “discriminating” and “patronising”.


In the past months the city has seen several anti-mainlander protests held in crowded shopping spots such as Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, both of which are often flocked to by mainland tourists.


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